Ms. Stephanie Bell

Teaching Portfolio

A peek inside...

Here is a look at the type of activities, inquiries, and explorations I facilitate in the classroom. All students are blurred for respect and privacy reasons. If you're interested in learning more about a particular set of photographs (lesson plans, units, transdisciplinary nature, etc.) please contact me here and I'd love to converse with you about it!

Earth Systems

Students explored the four earth systems with a deeper inquiry into the geosphere. Each child researched a part of the geosphere and presented a model of their findings.

World on a String

This activity illustrates the complex web created by trading around the world. We explore what happens when a supply chain is halted and how that can have a ripple effect across the world.

Egg Drops

Students utilized their knowledge of physics to design an egg drop. They incorporated what they learned in math to show the surface area of each side of their drop. They worked with the technology teacher to render 3D drawings.

They built their egg drops and then we tested them from on top of the high school roof. Any egg drop that did not protect the egg was reconstructed using the engineering design process.

Fairytale Maps

Students combined the skills they learned in math, reading, and social studies to create maps of fairytale lands. They used a "plot mountain" to identify the major plot points of their fairytale and help them identify the setting. They created story maps (story boards) to display their knowledge of what items would appear in the setting.

They used different 2D shapes to create symbols that represented items on their maps. They created a map legend with their symbols and knowledge of coordinate planes. They added cardinal and intermediate directions to their maps as well.

Comparing & Contrasting Who We Are

Students did in depth research about themselves, their families, and their traditions. Students then shared that information with one another and created Venn Diagrams of how they were alike and different from their classmates.

Building Forts

Students used their knowledge of tension and compression to build forts at home. Students explained how they used their materials to create the tension or compression that held up their forts.


Students worked together to arrange numbers from least to greatest.

Shape Memory

Children teamed up to play shape memory to help them associate 2D and 3D shapes with their proper names.

Measurement Scavenger Hunt

Teams were given various measuring tools and scavenger hunt sheet to use around campus to measure various items. In the picture below, students in the foreground are using their knowledge of measurement to estimate the height of the tree. In the background, another team of students are using a measuring tool to find a precise measurement of an object.

Stay tuned! More to come.